About Us

Inspire30 Lifestyle & Fitness was created  to empower people to commit to a healthier lifestyle.

Passion for Health & Fitness

Inspire30 was created to empower people and help them commit to a healthier lifestyle, by providing unique and creative motivation, and a strong support system. 

P90X Live Fitness Classes at Inspire30 Lifestyle and FItness in Prince Albert

Constantly Evolving!

Right now Inspire30 offers various coaching packages to help you get on the right path, as well as fitness classes! We are constantly improving our skills, so we can help you more efficiently and effectively!

We are  also constantly working on bringing in new programs, fitness classes and wellness services to you!


Inspire30 is a great fit for you if you are needing motivation, accountability and support in improving your health & fitness!   

We have been there ourselves, and we want to help you, no matter what fitness level you are starting with, or what issues you are trying to clear. Let us be there and guide you to a healthier, happier and more confident you!  Book a free consultation, and come by to meet us! Enjoy a coffee or tea, share you story and see how we can be there for you!