Deep Healing Lifestyle Coaching

Are you uncomfortable with your body, or worry about your health?

 Are you uncomfortable with your body, or worry about your health? You know you should be doing something about it, but the fear and anxiety takeover? Have you had trauma in your life that keeps you where you are, and not making health changes?

I am offering a new package with some amazing goodness, here at Inspire30, with the combination of my Soul Healing Sessions and One on One instruction!

I totally get it! I know how you feel! You know you need to change your habits and do something different but between the lack of confidence, and not knowing where to start, you quickly decide to hold off...but then you never begin!



In my 6 week package you will get 2 Healing Sessions where we can pinpoint the fears and clear out the energy blocks and decide on your fitness goals so you can start fresh in your journey with more confidence! Our one on one sessions will focus on the exercise you need to get you where you want to be.

Our studio was created to embrace our clients with support, kindness & motivation, and to alleviate the fear and anxiety with our non-intimidating environment. We have had many come through our doors broken, but have come to see amazing results both physically and emotionally.

The 6 week program is $350.00 ($500 value),  and includes: 

- 2 soul level healing sessions  

- 2 one on one classes per week (12 classes total) 

- support, motivation & guidance 

- access to the gym equipment anytime during open hours

- weekly optional group meetings with conversation topics, learning tools, art therapy and more!

This is absolutely a unique program that gets down to the true issues and blocks that are causing you to fall into the unhealthy habits, so you can begin to grow, evolve and reach your fitness and health goals!


Stop making the excuses and continuing the unhappy cycle. You can be exactly who you know you are inside and out! Come join me today!