Motivational Health & Fitness Coaching

Inspire30 Lifestyle & Fitness started our fitness coaching in Prince Albert, with the purpose to empower people to commit to a healthier lifestyle. With our background in graphic design, and in fitness, we can provide creative motivation and a unique support system for creating strong lifelong habits, and a clear path to success for clients. 

We understand that there isn’t just one way to lose weight or improve fitness, that will work for everyone. A coach that can truly help and provide support, truly needs to listen, relate and know how to customize and create the right path for a person’s success. That is what we strive to do with each client we have. 

With our help you can improve your mindset, increase confidence & form healthy habits through healthy eating and fitness. We provide support for your all around well being, while you work towards all your health goals.

We offer a variety of coaching options for short, and long term support, for both fitness & mindset. We offer personal training services for customized exercise programs just for you, and various group fitness classes to fit your needs. 

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8 Week Motivation, Mindset & Healthy Eating


Get the Motivation, Support & Accountability You Need!

With our 8 Week Coaching session, we focus on your goals, your fears and everything in between, so we can find the perfect motivational approach for you. With the combination of our great fitness classes, unique motivation and guidance, and the 2B Mindset eating program, you will be seeing results in no time!


Program includes:
2  Fitness Classes/week for 8 weeks

2B Mindset Program
2 Consults/Week
Unique Motivational Tools
Free use of cardio equipment & floor during open hours.

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Deep Healing Lifestyle Coaching Package


Confidence, Strength & So Much More!

This 6 week package you will get 2 Soul Level Healing Sessions where we can pinpoint your fears and clear out the energy blocks that are holding you back using your soul records. We will also create your fitness goals so you can start fresh in your journey with more confidence! Our one on one fitness sessions will focus on the exercise you need to get you where you want to be.

The 6 week program includes:
- 2 soul level healing sessions
- 2 one on one classes per week (12 classes total)
- support, motivation & guidance
- access to the gym equipment anytime during open hours

This is absolutely a unique program that gets down to the true issues and blocks that are causing you to fall into the unhealthy habits, so you can begin to grow, evolve and reach your fitness and health goals!