Group Fitness


This schedule begins September 1, 2021


5:00pm – HIIT Class 30
5:30pm – Water Rowing Circuit
6:45pm – Barbell Bootcamp


5:00pm – MetKon RX 30
5:30pm – Resistance Bands (gym)
6:45pm – Kids Aerial Yoga
7:00pm – Indoor Rowing


5:30pm – Circuit Training
6:45pm – Barbell Bootcamp


5:00pm – MetKon RX 30
5:30pm – Restorative Aerial Yoga (gym)
6:45pm – Inspire30 Kids 


5:00pm – HIIT Class 30
5:30pm – Water Rowing Circuit
6:45pm – P90X 


11:30am – Indoor Rowing
1:00pm – Junior Rowing

Class Descriptions


60 minutes   Instructor: Robin Bonneau P90X Live is a total-body cardio and strength training class that uses body weight as well as dumbbells. Each 60 minute workout can be modified to accommodate a wide range of fitness levels and abilities, while still creating a great workout. 

Restorative Aerial Thai Yoga

75 minutes   Instructor: Kristy Hoornick    

Enjoy this relaxing aerial yoga class where the instructor will utilize some Thai Yoga stretching techniques to further ground and relax you.

Circuit Training

60 minutes     Instructor: Kristy Hoornick      

An adaptive full body workout that using TRX. TRX RIP. Free weights, resistance balls and more!


Resistance Bands Training

60 minutes     Instructor: Kristy Hoornick      

Utilizing our over head resistance bands for a full body workout with a strong focus on the core

Indoor Rowing

Water Rowers Circuit

60 minutes.  Instructor: Kristy Hoornick   

Working on and off the rower for a full body workout utilizing kettlebells, battling ropes, TRX and more.

Barbell Boot Camp

60 minutes.  Instructor: Kristy Hoornick   

Build your workout confidence by learning  how to properly back squat, bench press, deadlift and press.  You will work in pairs so you can learn how to properly spot someone as well as add some accessory exercises to your fitness library.

Aerial Play Kids

KIDS AERIAL YOGA for Kids ages 5 – 12yrs
60 minutes.      Instructor: KRISTY HOORNICK

Kids will enjoy using the aerial hammock while learning how to build obstacle courses and working out on various equipment such bosu balls, resistance balls and sand bags.

Inspire30 Kids

60 minutes.      Instructor: Robin Bonneau

Circuit training for kids 5-12, focusing on strength, flexibility and muscle awareness using bodyweight, light weights and other equipment. 

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