Healthy Weight Loss Coaching

Losing weight, and keeping it off can be a challenge especially during these trying times. We totally understand and have been there ourselves. Sometimes we need help, education and accountability, and that is what we are here to offer you! With our program, we do our best to help you create healthy habits while giving you support and motivation to keep you working towards your goals

Create healthier habits, and reach your goals with our healthy weight loss coaching!

  • Initial Consultation/ Assessment
  • Goal Creation & Action Plan including diet recommendations, shopping tips, habit changes, guidance and more!
  • 30 Day Inspire30 Digital Journal to keep you on track and build your healthy habits!
  • Unique Motivation,  Support & Accountability
  • Weekly 45 minute Consults & Weigh-ins for 8 weeks
  • Virtual Options available


Add 2 group fitness classes/wk for $85.00

Certified Personal Trainer/ Healthy Weight Loss Coach

Robin Bonneau of Inspire30 Lifestyle & Fitness started fitness coaching in Prince Albert, with the purpose to empower people to commit to a healthier lifestyle. 
She understands that there isn’t just one way to lose weight or improve fitness, that will work for everyone. A coach that can help and provide support, truly needs to listen, relate and know how to customize and create the right path for a person’s success. That is what she ensures Inspire30 Lifestyle & Fitness strives to do with each client that comes in the door. 

Robin Bonneau - Personal Trainer - Inspire30