Personal Training

Robin Bonneau

Robin is a Certified Personal Trainer through Canfitpro, and a certified Fitness Trainer for classes such as PiYo, P90X, Insanity, L1FT & SH1FT. She also has a background in gymnastics coaching. 

Robin passion and purpose is to empower people to commit to a healthier lifestyle. With her background in fitness and her own experiences, she can provide creative motivation and a unique support system for creating strong lifelong habits, and a clear path to success for clients.

Kristy Hoornick

Kristy Hoornick has been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years, she is a personal trainer as well as pre and post natal trainer, stroke recovery, yoga, pilates, aerial yoga, kettlebell training and TRX.  She also has a background in yoga for trauma and is certified as an Autism Fitness Trainer. 

For over 12 years Kristy worked creating programs for youth and adults with disabilities and worked with many Special Olympics athletes.  She also had the privilege to present at Can Fit Pro in Toronto in 2019 talking about Fitness and Disabilities.

With Inspire30’s help you can improve your mindset, increase confidence & form healthy habits through healthy eating and fitness. We will provide support for your all around well being, while you work towards all your health goals.

"I have been there... I understand"

“Through out my life I dealt with weight, confidence and self-esteem. I was up and down with my weight, and even battled an eating disorder. I know how tough it is to stay on a healthy path, and I had to do a lot of learning and growing myself. Today I want to share with you how you can build healthier habits and keep them, and truly be comfortable and happy with the amazing self that you are!”
~Robin Bonneau~

Personal Training Packages

There are a variety of coaching options for short, and long term support, for both fitness & mindset. Choose one on one in person classes with your trainer, online virtual classes, or custom workout programs you can do at home. We also offer private Aerial Yoga Sessions, Family Aerial Sessions & Family Personal Training Sessions.

Pre & Post Natal Training available as well.

You can purchase individual classes and assessments, or a class pack to get a discount. 

Your customized program also includes the Inspire30 Journal and online access to your exercise programs, which includes descriptions so you can workout at home, as well as with your trainer with ease and understanding. 


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