Soul Level Healing (Akashic) Sessions

With a Soul Level Healing Session you can begin to heal!

With a Soul Level Healing Session you can begin to heal emotional/ physical pains and begin clearing out old pain, stagnant emotional energy, to create true lasting soulful changes. 

We can focus on:

Worthiness issues
Gentle emotional pain release
Moving beyond feeling stuck, limited or unclear about aspects of your life
Depression ● Forgiveness ● Self-love
Personal power ● Healing body pain

Bad Habits & Decisions
Soul-level, heart and higher self connection

We work at the level of the soul, and can help clear deep persistant patterns.

 A one-hour session has helped people in amazing ways. 

Everyone has different patterns that can be embedded into your soul and currently inhibit you. These inhibiting patterns have come with your Soul from past experiences during this lifetime or others. These disruptive energies can be released and removed for all time, through working with your soul records. With your permission, we will access the records and clear them where we can. The soul level clearing also immediately translates into the physical, mental and emotional levels of your present experience.